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Let's make it a game! Guess the breed, gender, and age. Then critique! (You may guess before, and I'll answer if you want it to affect your critique.)

This is Lady Ramona, a yearling TB filly. She is already 15 hands, and is always growing! The mare in my icon is her dam.

Front to back, we start out with an absolutely lovely head. Very refined and feminine, with a large eye and small ears. She has a nice neck, which while lacking in muscle, which I am attributing to her age, looks to have a nice shape and tie in well so a lovely long sloped shoulder. She has a well-defined chest, and nice forearms, but it looks like she may stand a bit under herself in the front end. Again, I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt, and say it is probably how she is standing. She has nicely sloped pasterns, but they may be a tad long, which will make her a smoother ride, but may cause some concern for intensely demanding careers. She shows a deep girth, but could have a little more wither for a slightly better saddle area. She shows a nice strong topline over well sprung ribs. Nice short back leading to a long well angled hip. She has nice angles to her hind legs, although as with the front, we see longish pasterns. She looks like she may toe out a little more than is normal, but she also may be standing funny in the deep sand footing. She is downhill, but I'd guess it is her age. She shows lovely musculature for a horse of her age. She is as a whole very well balanced, with a harmonious flow of parts.

I think this is a very high quality filly who should develop very nicely. While she is headed for a career on the track, I think she would be better suited as a sport horse, and is particularly of good hunter type (although I rather hope not, I really don't care for riding hunters!). Not only due to her conformation, but she has an incredibly mellow personality and should be a pleasant and simple horse to work with.


And... Go!


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Oct. 17th, 2010 05:44 pm (UTC)
I'd guess a young TB!

As a quick critique:
- Looks downhill.
- Longish pasterns and looks to toe out (from the fetlocks).
+ Nice hip, seems to have nicely balanced back leg angle and nice sized joints.
+ Nicely sprung barrel.
-/+ Lower rounded withers. If she IS a TB this may not be ideal. I tend to like lower/rounded withers but they DO suck at keeping saddles more secure for higher speed sports.
-/+ OK shoulder.
+ Lovely short back and top line.

I'd love to see how she moves!

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