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Let's make it a game! Guess the breed, gender, and age. Then critique! (You may guess before, and I'll answer if you want it to affect your critique.)

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Today I am going to post "Mia", a 15.1H three year old Thoroughbred filly, recently off of the racetrack. Now, trust me, I can judge my own horses (I will post my judgement of her below a cut, but PLEASE, comment before you read mine, as I am always interested in other views), so go ahead and rip her apart!

Front: Sorry, only good front photo is through a fence!


Side, slightly from rear:

Another side view:

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Her dam, just for those who might be interested:

OK, was in a hurry to finish here, hope I did everything right and how I meant! Looking forward to getting more opinions!

I have hundreds of photos of many horses, so you can probably expect a new post from me somewhat regularly!

Thoroughbred mare: pleasure horse!

Owner: morgieporgie (thanks for the pictures!)
Breed: Thoroughbred mare
Age: 11
Job: Pleasure/trails, low level dressage, some jumping…
From Conformation Critique

From Conformation Critique

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Morgan horse critique...

Name: Feronia, owned by quietann (thanks for the photos and opportunity to critique!)
Breed: Morgan breed:
Age: 12 year old mare
Job: dressage, low-level eventing, and trail riding.

Most recent photo:
From Conformation Critique

This photo was taken a year earlier:
From Conformation Critique

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I've been considering doing a quick video overview of things to look for when judging conformation, and potentially a quick overview of body condition scoring with my own horse now that I have a decent camera and recorder. Is there any interest in seeing something like that? I'm also planning to do a video about non-mechanical blemishes... because my horse is an EXCELLENT example of blemishes as well!

I've had some people interested in me doing a page about different conformational norms among different breeds. I'd love pictures of your "typey" horses if I'm going to do something like this! Also, if you are a fan or expert on a particular breed, I'd love to see some other people posting about them. I, for one, don't know much about gaited horse conformation and how it differs — only that it does! Anyone interested in doing a study on TWH or paso finos, for example?

NSH/Friesian cross mare!

Breed: Friesian/National Show Horse (Saddlebred/Arabian) cross mare
Age: 3 year old, 15hh
Future job: bred for dressage
Owner: trigger_happy01 (thanks for the opportunity to critique!)
From Conformation Critique

From Conformation Critique

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What do you think about her?



This is my horse Derby. He is classified as an American Warmblood. His breeding is acutally Trakehner/RPSI. He turned four as of today. This picture was taken 2 summers ago and is the most recent confo shot I have uploaded of him. (Unfortunately). I plan to use him for dressage and possibly some light jumping. He was 15.3hh when this picture was taken and now stands at 16.2hh. He has some obvious confirmation faults but I would like to hear other opinions. What would you use him for?

New Forest Pony Analysis...

Breed: New Forest Pony mare, 13.2hh
Job: General hacking, low level dressage, jumping, etc.
Age: ?
Owned by: fleefloodle (thanks for the photo!)
From Conformation Critique

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What do you think?


Another mare sport cross for your delight!

Age: 5 year old mare
Breed: Dutch Warmblood and Thoroughbred cross
Job: hunter/jumper prospect
From Conformation Critique

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What would you use her for if she was yours?


Mustang gelding — gaming prospect.

Breed: "Foundation bred" Spanish Mustang,
Age: 4 year old gelding.
Job: Marketed as a "gaming prospect" and lightly started.
Coloring: Supposed to be an "olive dun" with Appy characteristics.

From Conformation Critique

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Percheron-Standie cross gelding...

Today’s analysis comes tempered with the reminder that this community isn’t about putting horses down, saying their ugly, or trying to put forward some kind of agenda — check out the Fugly Blog if you are interested in that. Do I think poorly conformed horses should not be bred? Yes. Do I think a horse with conformation faults is a useless creature? Heck no. What conformation DOES tell us is what that particular horse will be best suited for and most sound for. I’ve seen horses with poor conformation competing successfully — it does not mean they can’t — but these successful competitors either have owners that are aware of their horse’s weaknesses and do the best they can to help them, or the horses go unsound or are in pain long before their time. Being able to analyze a horse, especially YOUR horse, you become a better horse person.

Today’s horse is:
Breed: Standardbred/Percheron cross gelding
Age: 5 years old
Job: marketed as a dressage prospect

From Conformation Critique
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